FlyinDiamonds drone light show solution components

Ground control software

Introducing a tool for complete light show management and implementation using drones. Software designed as a server-client application. The control environment is a web application compatible with the Chrome, which is platform independent. The software allows communication with drones via Wi-Fi to upload light show trajectories and second communication channel is used by the custom Lora protocol for RTK transmission. Both communication channels are independent of each other and allow full command compatibility in case of one failure. A clear 2D or 3D map allows for clear placement in the desired environment.


  • A tool for uploading pre-programmed missions to drones (Designer and other softwar compatibility)
  • Display light show simulation in real environment
  • Intelligent flight area delineation in 3D map and geo-fence area setup
  • Drone telemetry monitoring and drone status control
  • Secure connection via 2 communication channels
  • Automatic connection of the drones when they are switched on
  • Proprietary connection and RTK GNSS streaming
  • Real-time drone LED screen capability
  • Automatic drone deployment check
  • Pre-flight checklist to safely start the show
  • Time programmable takeoff and synchronization
  • Controls for individual and collaborative drone control
  • GCS is fully compatible with Drone and GCS and independent of the type of drone flight controller (Pixhawk family), or Arducopter firmware version